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Momme | Newborn baby in midnight kangaroo wrap
Momme | Newborn baby in midnight kangaroo wrap

newborn wrap tutorial

A step-by-step- tutorial to help guide you though using your new Momme Newborn Kangaroo Wrap. Please be sure to follow the instructions and review our safety guide.

step-by-step guide to

wearing your momme wrap

Momme Wrap Tutorial | Step 1 unfold your wrap

step 1

unfold your wrap

Identify where the Momme tag is on your wrap. That will be your center point. Wrap around the bottom of your sternum.

Momme Wrap Tutorial | Step 2 Wrap over your shoulders

Step 2

Wrap over your shoulders

Pull each side of your wrap over the opposite shoulder, creating a secure X on your back. Make sure straps stay as flat and untwisted as possible while doing so.

Momme Wrap Tutorial | Pull through the front

Step 3

Pull through the front

Pull the 2 wrap pieces underneath the fabric sitting on your waist. This is the part that determines how tightly the wrap will be holding your baby—make sure you pull down firmly to snuggly secure your wrap on your shoulders. You may need to take some time to readjust to find the right spot.

Momme Wrap Tutorial | Step 4 Wrap Around the front

Step 4

Create a front X & wrap around

Once you've passed your fabric through & have secured the tightness of your wrap, cross your straps again to make an X on the front - this will determine how high or low your baby will sit. Keeping your fabric nice and tight, wrap once or twice around your waist.

Momme Wrap Tutorial | Step 5 tie a tight knot

Step 5

Tie a tight knot

Once you find a comfortable end spot, tie a tight knot. A longer tail may create less slack or sagging.

Momme Wrap Tutorial | Step 6 rearrange for comfort

Step 6

Rearrange for comfort

Make sure your wrap is sitting comfortable and is tight/loose enough in all the right places. Detangle the waist piece and prepare for baby—this will be what goes over the top of your baby's back for a final support piece.

Momme Wrap Tutorial | Step 7 carefully put baby in

Step 7

Time for baby

Bring baby in facing you, leaning towards the opposite shoulder of the first leg you will be placing in the wrap. Bring one leg through the opposite strap, then do the same with the other side. Always hold securely onto baby's back. Start to spread the wrap over baby's body to create a comfortable seat. Baby's bum should be in the middle of the straps to create a "kangaroo pouch."

Momme Wrap Tutorial | Step 8 cover baby with the final piece

Step 8

Cover baby with final piece

Finally, bring the waist piece with the tag over your baby all the way to the bottom of the neck to secure into your body. This final piece can keep your baby's legs inside or outside, depending on their comfort. Ensure no fabric is covering baby's air passages. For more important safety information and how your baby should be sitting, see our safety guide.

Mom and baby in newborn kangaroo wrap by Momme

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