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Momme | Calm room with dried floral arrangement

momme manifesto

We believe that through connecting the comforts of home with the mothering journey—warmth, shelter, support, nourishment—we can create more intentional healing environments for both mom and baby to thrive.


The Place

“Home is the foundation upon which great civilizations are built. The sacred dwelling where souls are forged and children are cherished.”

— Helen Allingham

We aren’t here to paint an idyllic picture of what homes are supposed to look like. We are passionate about living and breathing homes, where the best ordinary days are lived out. Days that are filled with the big and the small.

Home is:

Moon rises not sunrises

It’s ok, let’s look at the stars

Together. Always.

Slow mornings

Breathless laughs

Wait, you are breathing, right?

Unintentional cold brews

Newborn giggles

Spat the dummy. Both of us.

Spilled milk

Food on the floor

Explosions. Of love & other kinds.

Daddy’s here

One, two, three

You’re flying!

Back to me.

Home is: where the best ordinary days are lived.


The Memories

“Welcome the seemingly ordinary. Allow it to ground you.”

Tess Guinnery

Home is a place to make memories and in and of itself, is made up of the memories we already have. Life shouldn’t always be about the extraordinary, exciting moments—it is about finding beauty and joy in the little things that make everyday living intentional and special. Because the ordinary things are the things we will remember the most. The things which create our own ideas of what makes “home.”

It started with a spark.

Of joy, in the little things. That grew into big things. And even bigger things. Into the only THING that mattered.

The ordinary.

The moments I yearn to wrap up

Place in my pocket

& carry it everywhere I go.

Even though,

I never want to leave this place.

Because this place is home.


The Feeling

“Now imagine yourself living in a space that contains only things that spark joy. Isn’t this the lifestyle you dream of?”

- Marie Kondo

Home transcends physical walls, it can come in the form of warmth, comfort, security, shelter, and nourishment—like an ambient light on a rainy afternoon or the soft touch of a favorite fleece on the skin. Home is where our comfort lives and where our discomforts are released. Where we create space to grow, walls to break through, wings to fly—and a place to return to.

Even wildflowers need sewing

A root

A home.

So they can grow to be wild

to be free

to roam.

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